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The Road That Leads To Place

This beautiful and biodiverse country, our land of Colón has been hurt for more than fifty years, its people have gone through many difficult situations because of the war and even today they cry like a river runs towards the sea, however a few years ago the parts made a pact for peace and reconciliation, we reached agreements where everyone is supposed to have good participation and reconstruction, but we live in a big country where it is difficult to help the whole crowd, our needs are more than our opportunities and the majority of the victims are still waiting for the government’s hand, however, some non- governmental organizations (NGOs) build bridges to heal and forgive our past. In front of us there is a huge path to enter and it will take us to a higher level where we can live as brothers, that peak is only available at the moment we understand that we are equal and have the same rights, in the end, we are human beings and We may not be able to bear all the trouble on our back, but there is something we can do and that is to love each other so as not to repeat history.

By Selene Niño Pan, 10th A.

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